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GRLA X Tiffany & Co


Get to know Alessandro Bogliolo’s Fresh Approach to Tiffany & Co.

Looking forward to the Tiffany’s event next Tuesday, October 16th, we will be publishing a series of blog posts introducing you to the brand.


  Image Courtesy of Tiffany & Co. official website

Image Courtesy of Tiffany & Co. official website

First and foremost, the quality of the products they offer are innovative and forward thinking. As a leader in the luxury industry, their products are defined by craftsmanship and fine jewelry.

Second, their belief and support for the natural environment. In order to minimize their impact as a business they take part in:

  • Responsible mining;

  • Source high quality diamonds through integrity;

  • Protecting the special natural places from mining such as Yellowstone National Park and Bristol Bay, Alaska;

  • Invest in Green packaging by ensuring their Blue Boxes and customer bags are made with paper from recycled materials and sustainable sources;

  • Protect human rights through their Social Accountability Program, where they get to know who they work with, and how to better improve their human rights, performance and labor;

  • Focus on energy and climate change by reducing their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, they hope to to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050;

  • Charitable giving by starting the Tiffany & Co. Foundation for their philanthropic efforts that supports natural resources and mining, coral and marine conservation.

Tiffany & Co. establishes itself as a leader in the luxury industry. An interesting question to ask yourself or better, ask Mr. Bogliolo himself in tomorrow’s event - How do Tiffany & Co.’s philanthropic endeavors fit with the brand’s image/ethos and further differentiate it as a unique and lasting brand?

For more information regarding their efforts in sustainability visit their website:

Segment II: How Tiffany & Co. Markets to the Next Generation

Make It My Tiffany Program

By allowing customer customization through their Make It My Tiffany program, Tiffany & Co. has strongly differentiated themselves from other luxury jewelers in terms of appealing to the younger generation.

Photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

As the next generation of luxury customers enter the job platforms. Through investing heavily in marketing, Tiffany has appealed to the younger generations very effectively.

  • They have tapped the talents of some of our generation’s most favorite actors such as Maddie Ziegler.

  • Additionally, they have attracted customers through their “Believe” campaigns that feature interracial and same-sex couples.

  • By allowing customer customization through their Make It My Tiffany program, Tiffany & Co. has strongly differentiated themselves from other luxury jewelers in terms of appealing to the younger generation.

Designer Reed Krakoff, responsible for the magnanimous turnaround of leather-goods producer Coach, said that the new marketing strategy’s goal was about “stripping away all the rules associated with fine jewelry”.

SEGMENT I:“Tiffany, For the Young and Hip”


Tiffany & Co. is a heritage luxury brand made into a cult sensation by the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. For many years, Tiffany & Co.’s has been synonymous with classic elegance and timeless jewelry pieces. In the 181 years since their founding, Tiffany & Co.’s has not only maintained their iconic image, they have also constantly updated their marketing strategy with the times.

If your impression of Tiffany still lingers around the impeccable look of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you might be a little surprised with Tiffany’s new collection Paper Flowers advertisement - Elle Fanning wearing hoodie and jeans, dancing to rap music. Indeed, under CEO Alessandro Bogliolo’s leadership, Tiffany & Co is taking a new and modern direction. While Tiffany and the realm of pop culture might seem unrelated at the first glance, it reflects Bogliolo’s fresh approach to appeal the company to the younger generations including the Millennials. As a luxury veteran who spent 16 years at Bulgari, Bogliolo comprehends the importance of preserving legacy and traditions deeply. However, from Bogliolo’s experience in fashion retail at Diesel, he also understands the importance of customer experience and staying on trend. What Bogliolo has brought to Tiffany & Co is a sense of newness. From social media campaigns featuring celebrities to the opening of the popular Blue Box Cafe, Tiffany is not only paying homage to its heritage but also taking the formality and seriousness out of luxury. Tiffany is now for the young and hip just as much as it is for the older generations.  

Video taken from Tiffany & Co. — 2018 Spring Campaign: Believe In Dreams

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Photos courtesy of Tiffany & Co.