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Is Technology the New Black?

The Emerging trend of wearable technology 

Wearable tech seems to be the buzzword of the moment. We’ve even highlighted some moments in the past year where designers have been merging the fashion industries of New York and Paris with San Francisco’s technology start-up scene. For instance, Apple partnered with French luxury house Hermès to design a signature leather strap. With the upcoming New York Fashion Week, we expect to see even more breakthrough moments merging technology with the fashion industries. Below, we share with you some cool new products that caught our eye. 

1. The new Fitbit Alta

The newest product from Fitbit is slightly thinner and more sleek than its previous designs. It is offered in more colors that are supposed to pair with any outfit– even for special occasions with a new gold band design. Fitbit continues to implement their “something for everybody” strategy by appealing to the more fashionably conscious.

2. L’Oréal’s My UV Skin Patch

Even L’Oréal, a company that normally sells makeup and beauty products, is jumping on the wearable tech bandwagon by developing a product that may help thousands in preventing skin cancer. The company’s “My UV Skin Patch” is a sun protection device that monitors your sun exposure and tracks better ways for you to protect your skin. Personally, I don’t actually understand the science behind it, but I’m all for something that helps me protect my skin especially in the hotter summer months.

3. Google +  Levi’s = Project Jacquard

Google has partnered with Levi’s to transform regular textiles, like jeans for instance, into interactive surfaces that can be connected to smart devices. Functionality meets fashion meets innovation. Swipe one way, and you can call your friend to tell her about your day. Swipe another way, open up and read your texts.


4. Ringly: Wearable Tech at your Fingertips...Literally

Girls, especially, come into the issue of not having a place to put our phones. Phones seem to be getting bigger and bigger while pockets (if we even have them) remain their less than accommodating size. Ringly attempts to incorporate tech into everyday women’s accessories by creating a smart ring so women remain alert to their phones without having to keep it on hand all the time.

What would you actually buy? Or do you think wearable tech is going too far?